Saturday, March 24, 2007

Major update

I'm thinking of skipping over to Wordpress with this blog because it just seems like I could have more fun with wordpress themes than I can with Blogger.
Any thoughts? While I'm posting, some link love to a blogger video blogging neighbour.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Steampunk robotics

I know this isn't a robot as such, but it LOOKS like I hope the robot helpers of the future will look. Just imagine lying in bed ona frosty winters morning and simply shouting down the stairs to 'Lion-O' to jump outside and defrost the car, collect the paper, and chase off the doves that keep dumping on your prized Prius.

And if thats not enough steampunk for ya - here's a little more.

Robot head joy

I love boingboing - this story about robot heads is just perfect!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

robot games

A neat robot playing a boring game. I kinda want to build a lego robot to control a mouse / track pad to play games like this creative commons photo driven one. I just like the idea of having a robot play a computer game by watching a screen.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Sexy robot

This certainly is a sweet mover, but sexy? I'm not so sure. Sometimes these youtube descriptions are a little hyped! But hey - each to their own.

Is Revver struggling?

Not robot related I'm afraid, but I've been finding Revver to be incredibly slow to respond this past week. The Revver model appeals to me greatly, post a video, earn when people watch it if they click an ad. Simple. But if it's painfully slow...
Apparently microsoft is eyeing up Revver as a youtube killer. If they do make the leap, hopefully some new servers will be the first on the shopping list.

Robot egg suit

Don't tell me you don't want this robot egg suit. I know you do. How could you not. Robot egg suit. It has a nice ring to it even if it wasn't the ultimate in cool. But it is. So it's a given. You want a robot egg suit. I should start selling them. I'd be a millionairre!